Yesterday was perfect in every way.

Our baby girl is finally here.

Ollie Faith was born at 8:23 PM.  She was 20 inches long and 7 pounds 10 oz.  She has crazy brown hair and one extra special chromosome.

I worried and fretted that I wouldn't fully celebrate her birth.  I didn't want that for my daughter, but knew it was inside of me.  The moment I saw her, I instantly knew she had an extra chromosome.  For maybe ten seconds I was sad and a piece of my heart broke.  Then she smiled, and had me from there.  My heart was transformed.

I can't get over how perfect she is. 

Chubby cheeks.

The way she smiles.

The way she loves.

We are blessed.

I love my husband so very much and my completed perfect family.

We are blessed.  From this point forward our lives are dramatically changed, but for the better.

We prayed for miracles, and we received one.  God's plan is always better than mine, and I can not imagine Ollie Faith in any other way.  She's captured hundreds of hearts, and as she grows, trust me she'll capture many many more.  She's going to change people's minds, break stereotypes, and melt people in a heart beat with that little smile.

Today she has her pray for good news there.  She's been doing great!  Eats like a champ!  And oh her hair...I can't wait to share pictures of her cleaned up hair!