We are finally there guys!  The rooms are finally done on our end!  The carpet man was scheduled to come yesterday and today, but with the mega ice we had, he wasn't able to make it. 

This is Maggie & Kylie's room.  I am loving the color!

I told you it's pretty big!  I hope when we move them in it still feels big!

This is their closet.  They have about a 7' walk in with an organizer on the left.

We were too cheap to get an organizer for the right, so we did a rod and shelf, but they still have 3 bars for clothing which is better than their trailer.

Here is Caroline & Baby Pinto's room.  I love how it turned out too!  The header is where furnace ducts run.  It looks small in the picture, but should fit two beds and a dresser very easily.

Please ignore the dust!  I have dusted this basement I swear 4 times now, and it never ends!

The kids have an 8' walk in closet.  This picture cracks me up...we Foxes have full booties, and I'm not quite sure how Maggie's pants go so baggy - it's hilarious!  Jade just looks exhausted, but maybe it's because he is so blurry!

The closet organizer in here is almost done, when the carpet is installed it will be complete!

So Saturday around noon they move in!  Lord help us all!  Hopefully we can all get settled in and comfortable just in time for Ollie to throw our schedules off again!