Ollie Faith sleeps all the time.  Literally, all.the.time. 

I have the most fabulous friend, Jamie.  She takes gorgeous photos & she came to my house & captured sweet Ollie.  It was the only time Ollie has been wide awake for long - a whopping 2 hours she was awake!!  I couldn't believe it.  Enjoy the beautiful photos by Jamie.  So grateful to call her my good friend!

She still has blue eyes!  I can't get over it!  My older two kids always had such dark dark navy eyes at birth that immediately went to a deep brown.  They are so brown they are almost black.  Ollie's however are still blue, I'm curious to see if they stick.  I never expected blue eyes out of any of my kids!

Her cheeks kill me!  They are so chubby & kissable.  When you kiss them she cracks up!

This last one is from my cell phone.  She was cracking up last night, and I some how some way snapped at just the right moment for perfection.  She's seriously spectacular!  I had to share it because it makes me so happy to see that hilarious grin!

She smiles all the time!  We adore her!  She's doing great.  She's still doing the billibed at night or if she's napping.  I'm not making her lay in it if she's awake.  That seems cruel because she wants out of it when she's awake.  Her counts are going down, but the doctor just wanted to keep it as a precaution so that's why we have it.  Her jaundice was especially bad because she was a different blood type than me.  My other two kids had jaundice, but never ever like this.  I hate jaundice.  Her last heel prick is tomorrow we hope!  After that we just get to enjoy her and take her to endless doctor appointments!

She never cries.  She just crabs a tiny bit, or makes the screaming face with no sound.  I wonder who she'll be when she has a healthy heart.  Will she still be this easy?  I'm anxious to meet her after that "rebirth".  For now she eats every 2-3 hours like a pig.  I am a zombie, but it's totally worth it!