Well we weren't slammed with snow here where we are in Illinois, but ice instead.  I swear it rained ice for a day and a half straight.  I don't know that I have ever seen anything like it before.  It's absolutely gorgeous outside, but a nightmare for the men.  All the cattle waterers were frozen - it took half of today to get them up and going.  Beyond that about 3400 in our county were without power & some still are.  It should be Hug A Lineman day in our county today!

Because of the weather I was sent home from work Monday at 2, and Tuesday at 2.  Wednesday I just stayed home.  The days I did go to work - Jade escorted me so no freaking out about me driving around because I haven't been!  Now I just have a short week to wrap up and one more short week left!

The kids had a hay day with all our time at home!  We got out the clay.  I sculpted animals and they copied them...well Everett smushed them!

We played I SPY the DVD game.  It's interactive and shockingly hard at times.  They absolutely love it, I don't personally like it, but I don't get a vote!  We beat the game though so they were thrilled!  Everett now "lobes" the skeleton man on the game.  He's odd I know.

We baked cookies.  I left the cookies to cool to write a blog, Everett ate 6 cookies and Aubrie 3...geez!  I won't share how many I ate.  Excuse the dirty mouths, we were enjoying cookies!

Aubrie proclaimed that Everett is now her "Service Man".  What does this mean you ask yourself?  Well apparently she asks him for whatever it is she wants...he obeys her...and when she is done...he throws it in the garbage.  Talk about service!

Clay Pizza - who knew?!

We have been fortunate with all the ice to keep power most of the time.  However, we were out of power Tuesday night into the morning for about 9 hours off and on. 

Jade & I had originally abandoned the kids in our bed & we headed to their combined 2 twin beds make a King.  It was a great idea!  We woke up to Everett screaming "The powers out the powers out in a panic mode" at 4ish something.  Then this morning the power was back on around 9:30 - at 10:30 he ran in yelling "Mom Mom the lights are on!!"  He had been watching TV about an hour.  Jade & I decided he won't be a lineman or an electrician!

Around 6:30 this morning Aubrie threw up in OUR bed of all places!!  I was the smart one and stayed in the kids bed, while Jade slept with the kids...so he took the brunt of the mess!  Ick!  Without power, without water, throw up duty is the pits!  I had pitchers of water handy and enough water to give her a sponge bath and wash her hair in the sink.  The bedding had to wait to be washed.  Ugh - I hope that never happens again!   

A lightning bug

I'm hoping Aubrie is on the mend now.  She has a bad cough, but antibiotics that will hopefully fight this bug she's been working on before Miss Ollie comes.  Now, Maggie & Mom are also sick.  They MUST get better because 8 days and Ollie is here!  Plus, Maggie is incubating Pinto bean & needs to stay healthy!  I pray pray pray we have power tonight...and no contractions...the nights of endless not doing anything contractions are freaking this mother out...especially with the roads how they are!

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