We are home!  I swear my house looks completely rearranged I've been gone for what seems like an eternity!  The kids are PUMPED about baby sister!  My mom has pictures of Ollie in her gear before we left St. Louis here.

I'd steal her pictures since my camera is charging, but since she did the work already - I'll just steal her thunder instead.  So head over there and check out my girl.  Best Valentine gift ever!!

She's home, but on a Bili box.  She's on it full-time until the Dr. says otherwise.  It's hard to watch her all day, when all you want to do is sit in a recliner and cuddle...but the Dr. knows best so I'll have to be patient.

Now that our girlie is home, Jade and I are thinking craps - now we have to get her to the goal weight of 11 pounds & prepare her and ourselves for open heart surgery - ugh.  I fear that 2011 is the year that I officially start growing gray hairs & that Jade's few on his temples expand to many many more!  Thank the good good lord for a stylist for a sister - Maggie prepare the color!  Keep praying - we need this girl to keep chubbing up!  We have some time, but the more prayers the better!

PS - my puffy face is shrinking!  Woot I hope to get my chin back soon.  Now if only my feet would deflate from the fifty IVs I had I'll have shoes again - I hope!