Sweet Caroline's room is filled with treasures that Maggie has collected!  She has a fabulous white armoire that was a steal!  One of her favorite things to do is to read books so she has her own reading corner setup with all her favorite books.

She has a strand of butterflies topped with glittery wings, and a picture of her with her Mama and Da-E.  Maggie is a creative wizard with mixed media.  Give her some glitter and she'll make anything regular into something fabulous.  This frame was plain, now it's a sweet memory of when Caroline turned them into a family.

Maggie also made this tree branch above the chair.  It's darling, as are the baby prints.

Caroline's dresser has more fabulous treasures.  An old baby scale brings the vintage while hot pink brings some fun.  When you collect what you love, it always works no matter what.

Maggie's dear friend made this dream catcher for Caroline when she was just a baby.  It's one of Maggie's favorite things in Caroline's room.  It's spectacular!

Caroline LOVES cats and doggies so Abbie painted her some special artwork for above her bed.  The flower is a nightlight from Ikea that is super cute.

Her bedding is cats and doggies, and she sleeps like a champ already in her new room.

It won't be long & this chubby thighed little lady will be moved into a big girl bed, and baby Pinto will be moved into this shared room!  Only 6 months until August!!

Isn't she a doll!  She loves Trudie so much & is just sure she should be Trudie's mama.