Jade & I made a huge decision this past weekend.  A big important life decision, one we didn't see coming until now. 

We decided that I am going to stay home full-time until after Ollie recovers from surgery.  We aren't entirely sure how long this will be.  I'm guessing surgery will be around 4 months, but we shall see. 

Originally I had planned on a typical 8 week maternity leave, and really thought I could do it.  Now that she's here, and she's in my arms.  There is just no way.  Thankfully, I am blessed to work at one of the best companies.  My bosses truly care about my family & want the best for us.  They secretly expected this to come from me, and understand the need right now.  I'm sure they want me back sooner, but they are willing to work with me to allow me this important time at home.  For that I'm forever grateful to them!  I'm sure my co-workers miss my ridiculousness because I miss theirs!  If you think I'm ridiculous on my blog, you should know me in real life! 

For your curiosity, I work at a top notch agricultural (mainly grain elevators & fertilizer dealers) software company.  I am a customer support representative for the accounting area of the program.  I specialize in inventory.  If I completely lost you there - think Quick Books - but WAY better accounting software.  I'm the gal the talks about purchasing to our customers...and other accounting areas.  Most people in the support department are not fans of inventory and product costing, but that's my specialty and for some reason I really really like inventory!  It's a great company that services customers all over the US.  We are based out of my tiny little town in central IL, and our customers are thankful for that.  We always surprise a few people that we aren't in a foreign country...it makes answering their questions much easier since we all speak English!!

From now until surgery it is my job to keep Ollie healthy, and to help her eat and gain weight.  I know when her heart failure begins it will be hard to keep her awake and eating.  I don't feel like that's a responsibility I should put onto the Grandmas.  Yes they could handle it.  I know they could and I trust them very much with my kids, but they shouldn't have to worry about her oxygen levels & ounces eaten a day.  Plus, these few months are special.  They are priceless especially if our worst fears were to happen.  I won't ever get this time back, so I'm going to live it up for now.

So I'm staying home with all 3 kids and 2 wild dogs.  I'm going to be a full-time hermit other than preschool & tumbling drop off and doctor appointments.  When I emerge this house in several months - my hair may be to my chin.  We shall see. 

In the meantime I'm going to dabble in sewing for extra cash.  I have comissioned some baby blanket jobs & some curtain jobs & will share as I go along.  I'm anxiously awaiting a fabric shipment so I can get started!  Maggie has also graciously given me her stamped jewelry business as well.  So if you are local and want a baby blanket or stamped something - e-mail me.  I'll work you in!  Mother's Day is coming up!!

Oh and pray for us.  This is a big deal!  We have prepared financially.  And hopefully I have prepared my sanity.  Being a stay at home Mom is hard work!