She's all cleaned up, and ready to go home...we wish.

Today she had an echo and nothing has changed from her prenatal diagnosis.  She still has an AV Canal defect & will need surgery most likely around 3-6 months to correct her heart.  However, right now her heart looks great & she's cleared to go home with no heart issues.  We'll follow up in 2 weeks with our cardiologist.

She was nursing like a champ this morning, but after two blood draws and an echo...she's exhausted.  I'm not kidding this girl is comatose.  So getting her to eat is a priority right now.  Luckily the two wizard Grandmas made this happen & baby girl took a bottle for now.  I am nursing, but however she needs to eat works for me at this point.

She's a bit jaundice so she's on a billirubin mat right now getting her tan on.  Right now the goal is to get this taken care of in St. Louis so we don't have issues at home, so they are thinking maybe Monday we can go home.

She's beautiful!  Her hair is a straight up Mohawk...that starts in the middle of her head.  Her bangs remind me of when Aubrie cut hers off to the scalp...the are very very short.  The back of her hair is long...a party in the back!

Isn't she fantastic!  I know I know...Jade & I do make pretty babies!