So you wonder - what are we up to?  Well Maggie is off on Mondays & Thursdays until the late afternoon.  So my house is crazy with kids.  Maggie and I are quite good at co-parenting.  Maggie also makes delicious food.  I love having a house wife.

This little sleeps 99% of the day.  She can sleep through the LOUDEST noises imaginable.  When she's awake she's a big flirty ham - she's hilarious.

On the windiest day ever...Aubrie decided it was perfect timing to fly a kite.

Her owl kite was whipped like a mule.  When she lost control she ran after it in a skipping run type of way screaming "AH AH AH".  I wish I could add an audio clip - I was dying.  Then it flew into the trees & oh my gosh.  She ran into the house screaming for if Maggie is a giant and could reach it.  Maggie came running out like it was an emergency only to find me wrangling the kite in the tree and laughing.

When she's not roping the wind, she's begging to hold her sister.  She's a big helper.  She picks out clothes, brings diapers and wet wipes, and gives lots of hugs & kisses.  I have to watch her like a hawk.  She would carry Ollie by her head if she had the opportunity.

Everett loves his new sister, but really has more important matters.  He's into playing tea party & watching Wow Wow Wubzy or Wild Kratts.  Kylie's WII is also a HUGE hit with this boy.

In the midst of sleepless nights, I still have to get up early and prepare kids for preschool.  Today was horrible hair day.  She thinks she had the best horrible hair ever.

Rumor has it the teachers did not brush their hair today, but they looked quite beautiful as always.  They must have some secret hair product that I am unaware of.  I wonder what she tells them about me...

Caroline enjoys tea parties as much as Everett.  Today she was all about the makeup party. was Everett.

With some mascara he'd be quite stunning.  Blue is always a great eye shadow right?

Caroline has full lips...they go all the way to her chinny chin chin.

Aubrie was quite lovely & even wore a crown.  She later had hearts painted all over her face.  She was sad that Grandma Ruru couldn't paint a unicorn! 

Even Ruru got in on the action.  Aubrie did a surprisingly good job on her nails.  Then Aubrie did Ru's makeup.  It was removed before she went home.  If she would have been pulled over or in an accident...they would have tested her for drugs!  I think she had on 4 different types of lip gloss & lipstick.

So our house is wild and crazy.  But it's a good time.  Someone is most likely always in time out, someone else is eyeing something they shouldn't be, and the other one is zoned in on the TV.

Ollie slept for 4 hours straight last night.  I feel like a million bucks!  I got up today and put on real clothes and makeup.  I made all the beds, did laundry, and dishes.  It's amazing how you can go from 8+ hours of sleep to a mere 4 at a time and think wow I slept great!!