Our appointment yesterday went really really well!  Ollie is about 4 pounds 14 ounces and I'm 34 weeks along.  She's growing like a weed which is what we had all hoped for!

We also had an echo cardiogram of her heart just to look it over again.  Everything there looked the same so that was good news as well.  There were no surprises or new upsetting news.  I'll take good news and a miracle, but I don't want any more bad news for Ollie!

We also toured Labor & Delivery, the Ronald McDonald Room, NICU, and Cardiac ICU.  The hospital is very impressive! 

I go back on January 26th for an ultrasound to check her growth again and then to see my OB team.  At that point they will set my date for induction.  Right now he's shooting for 39 weeks so hopefully she decides to stay in there.  I typically don't go into labor on my own, so I'm hoping I'm the same way with her so Jade isn't frantically driving down I70 like a mad man to get me there in time!  However, I have tried to boss my uterus in the past & it never seems to listen so we shall see.

When she arrives, we will take it as it comes.  It's really all in God's hands right now, and whatever is his will - we will be thrilled with her.  The doctors have several concerns that they want to be sure aren't present at birth, but they at this point are just concerns.  Nothing is concrete there so we won't worry about them.  They will evaluate her after arrival to be certain she looks good, and we'll go from there.  We really don't know what we're up against or how long we'll stay in St. Louis until she arrives.  So now we wait and wait for the next 5 weeks!

Oh - PS - she has hair!!  I'm hoping for wild black monkey mohawk hair just like her sister Aubrie, but we shall see.  If you see my sister Maggie , please tell her to get busy crafting Ollie some headbands so she can work it girl at the hospital.

Thank you all again for the prayers & keep them coming!  She will be here so soon & don't worry the hospital has WIFI so I'll be in touch & you'll see her beautiful face in blogland!  However, you won't be seeing my face in the labor pictures, but trust me I will be there too!

On one last note - Mama Fox has started a blog.  Click HERE to check her out.