Basement progress has been kicking booty at our house.  I have wonderful men & women in my family that are so handy & capable.

I on the other hand, have been slacking on my updates...and forgetting to take pictures.

To catch you up, the drywall was finished & textured.  I like to hang my pretties, so the thought of smooth walls and me living here 60 years - well that's just scary what they'd look like after a life-time of decorating!  So we use knock down & love it!  Dad pulled through and his texture application was flawless!

Jade then used a sprayer to spray paint the walls and ceilings with primer & then painted the ceilings white.  Painting the walls was a snap with a quality primer/paint combination.  Well I shouldn't say snap, because I just watched, but one coat & they were done so I can kind of say snap right??

Caroline's room is a sassy greenish yellow.  It's called Goldendale A29-4 from Ace Hardware.

As the paint dried, Daddio went to town with the electrical work.  He said he'd be at my house until midnight.  He finished up at 9.  He's the master - I said it - the master!

Kylie is the master at cutting - he did a fabulous job around the ceiling.  Luckily with no trim  or carpet - paint slinging is fast & easy!

Abbie was in charge of Maggie & Kylie's mega room.  They went with a spunky turquoise color called Peace River A38-3 from Ace Hardware.  Abbie & Jade rolled and did the ceiling cutting.  I believe Jade left Abbie hanging for most of the job.

When the paint was dry, Dad threw up Caroline's light fixture - after I turned the shade so the seam was to the corner - it was perfect.   I'm so very happy I bought this fixture from Lowes!

Kylie learned how to wire when the painting was done & he worked on closet ceiling fixtures.

Dad moved onto more electrical outlets in the big bedroom.  Maggie & Kylie have 4 recessed lights since it's such a big room & we aren't sure the purpose yet recessed lighting works.  Jade wants a theater room wome day, so it makes sense in here.  We put the lights on a dimmer.  Kylie was excited, and I then made sure they knew we weren't mirroring any ceilings or putting smooth jazz on any type of surround sound in this room.

Jade cleaned up paint supplies in the bathroom tub.  Tonight, I cleaned the bathroom tub!  And yes, he has cut the sleeves off his t-shirts - notice plural there - t-shirts.

I watched while all the work went down and grabbed you not the best picture of Ollie.  Old mirrors are fabulous, and the blur of my flash has hidden my newest accessories - my nose and lips - they are so swollen - and definitely not mine.

So what's left you ask?

Painting & installing white trim - we use 1x4s and 1x6s so it's easy and fast
Painting & installing closet doors
Installing closet systems
Wiring up the TV thing a ma jigs that are in the walls
And finally the carpet - which we are hiring out & the man is coming Tuesday & Wednesday to install!

Woo hoo -  next weekend they move!  Talk about close timing eh!