Jade once was a clean cut man.  He was quite preppy really when we were younger - he wore button up shirts, spiked his hair, and couldn't grow facial hair if he wanted.

Summer of 2007 - Everett in the belly!

I on the other hand like him a bit more scruffy.  I always thought I'd marry a man with tattoos and what not, and instead I married my man pretty husband.  I wouldn't trade him though.

In the last couple of years, he started sporting a goatee.  I prefer it actually!

In recent weeks he has decided he's growing a rally beard for Ollie.  At least that is what he says.  Keep in mind he had a goatee first.  Now he has his form of a beard and a really bushy goatee since it had a week or so of growth before the beard. 

Today I am 35 weeks and they will induce me in 4 weeks.  I seriously wonder how big this rally beard will be the day Ollie arrives - if he's still sporting it.  Will he scare her, will he forever be captured in her birth photos like a lumberjack.  Only time will tell...

So lady friends - gather your men - rally the team - get them to grow rally beards - let's start a new fashion in this town!  I tried to capture the rally beard, but he said no photographs.  So if you are local - stop by his office for a cup of coffee and witness this form of awesomeness in the flesh.

P.S.  - I love that man, he makes me laugh & he's a good dad - he's quite fantastic isn't he!