I come to you today with a plea, with a prayer.

You see, a family committed to Olga, and just found out they can no longer proceed with her adoption.  So, once again, Olga waits to find a home, to find a family.  This month she reaches her fifth birthday.

This month she moves from an orphanage into an institution.  She leaves what she knows as home, and is cast aside the rest of her life alongside the criminally insane.  As a parent - can you even imagine this?  Can you even imagine the place this tiny innocent girl will be sent?  I have seen the images, and they are horrifying to say the least.

My Aubrie just turned 5 in December - I can't imagine if this was her.  My sweet Ollie may have DS, I can't imagine if this was her being cast away - ignored - marked as useless to society.  It literally breaks my heart to think of it.

So what can you do?  YOU can make a difference.  Post a blog, share my post on facebook, pray hard, tell your friends & family about Olga, donate to her fund, do ANYTHING you can to spread the word about Olga & let God work to find this little girl her family.  You can do something today - one thing - to make a difference for helpless little girl - make it this. 

Olga has over $12,700 in her fund to help with her adoption fees.  Beyond the monetary help, there are many praying hard for her and her future family.

Olga is capable of learning.  She can contribute to a family, she has a HEALTHY HEART!!  She displays strong life skills and confidence.  These are all things that parents wish for in their child & she has it, she just needs a home.  She just needs a family to hold her in their arms and kiss her sweet cheeks at night.

Maybe you aren't this family, but you can be something to Olga. Again, please donate, please pray like you haven't prayed before.  Pray that her family steps forward so she doesn't experience one day of institution life.  Pray that if she does face that horrid place, that she has strength and courage, that she can cling to the memories of what was before and dream of her family to come. 

Help Olga find a home.  Please do the most significant something that you possibly can.