I love my sleep.  I relish the fact that both kids sleep all night long pretty much every night.  When they are sick it nearly kills me to be up and down in the night.

Well this weekend it hit Everett.  Friday night he had a bad breathing episode and was shaking so hard.  Jade left to take him to the ER.  I was terrified.  I sat in my chair crying, and realized that Ollie may kill me with her little heart.  I was so upset over Everett going to the ER and well it doesn't compare to what my future holds!  I then decided that since I was up, I would clean.  I stayed busy until Mom & Dad arrived.  Then, cell phone coverage was lost in our area so Dad decided he'd just take me to the ER.  By the time Jade got Everett to Effingham, because I insisted he go there over our local hospital...Everett was perfectly fine.  We were half way there by then.  Seriously, how do kids do that?  How can they be so sick, and twenty minutes later they are fine.  He woke up and said Dad what are we doing, where are we - I just wanna go to bed.  Seriously being a parent is hard. 

He was fine most of the weekend.  He ran a low grade fever off and on and had a barky cough.  Then, he got pretty sick again Sunday night.  He had a high fever, coughed all night, and just didn't sleep at all - neither did I.  Yesterday I took him to the pediatrician and he confirmed Everett has croup.  We're praying the steroids work and he doesn't get pneumonia!  Apparently croup has turned into pneumonia for many kids this year & we don't need that.  Overall it was a really good appointment.  I had a chance to discuss Ollie's care, and I'm confidant our pediatrician will be a good fit for us.  He's a very nice man, and has a love for kids so surely he'll love our Ollie too especially when he sees her so often! 

Everett was of course as good as gold at the doctors office.  He had them all fooled.  They went on and on how sweet he is.  Which he is very sweet, but he's usually hyped up like he lives on Mountain Dew.  Typically he's into the tongue depressors, the garbage, then he's pulling out the leg stirrups on the table for OB visits.  It's never ever quiet.  In fact they have said before boy it's not quiet in here when I take him to the Dr.  Small rooms + Everett = Me on the brink of a melt down.  Yesterday though, he sat perfectly still, answered their questions, and said thank you as sweet as he could.  It was shocking to say the least.  He was obviously very very sick!

So I took him home, and thought he's so tired if I put on a movie and lay with him on the couch he'll take a nap.  Wrong - I took a nap - he played around me.  He looked terrible with dark circles under his eyes so then I thought, we'll get in my bed with a movie & pull the blinds - he'll surely take a nap then.  Wrong again - I took a second nap.  Seriously - what the what Annie?!?  I may not survive a newborn the way I like sleep!  How did I do this before?  I don't know - that was 5 and 3 years ago - oh dear! 

On a positive note, I did a load of laundry, mopped the floor, baked cookies, & made dinner so I wasn't a complete slacker!