My family is the boom-diggity. 

All the framing, electrical, and cables were completed & now the drywall is completely up!  Phase II drywall begins tomorrow night - taping & mudding.  We are getting close friends!!

This room is Caroline & baby Pinto's.  This is the view from the door & into the 8' closet!!

This is the view back to the door.  It's a good sized room.

This is Maggie & Kylie's future bedroom from the doorway.  It's very large & has a window to the walk out basement patio.  I thought it would be really dark, but honestly the window does a lot for it.

This is the view back toward the door - nice and big!

Oh and Maggie's favorite part - big walk in closet!  Boom!

So the progress is moving forward.  Hopefully this week we can get the walls mudded, finished, & textured - then onto painting and trim work!  The final details should hopefully go fast!  The carpet man comes February 1st and 2nd, and Ollie not long after that so we have to crank this baby out fast!

Thanks again to my fabulous family - without them this wouldn't be possible.  Also, if you see my Dad out and about, I swear I didn't push him down.  He fell and got a nasty scrape and bruise on his forearm.  I told him if he really hated drywall he didn't have to throw himself to the floor in a mad fit, but he did it anyway.  He's a tough man though - he walked it off & has a new battle wound to flex around town!