My mama is the best!  This year she found all 3 of us girls fabulous wood pieces for our homes.  They are each unique to our personalities & perfect for our homes.  I got an old mantle & it found the perfect place in our living room.  Before I had our family painting by Abbie here, but it was a bit too small so this is just right.  Hey can  you see Duke - he's the 80 pound beast that sleeps 15 hours straight when he comes in.

Then I had to go shopping - well in Mom's shed.  I need things to go along with it.  I got a great big saw from her to complete the wall.  I had the pitchfork which is also hers.  The cow painting Maggie made me a few holidays ago & I had the screen and hallway sign (probably hers too - gosh she always has the good stuff).  It all came together nicely to fill the wall.

See Abb's painting above my old saw horse?  That saw horse is one of my favorite pieces - I adore & it's a much better fit on this smaller wall. 

Rusty metal + chippy old paint is my kind of thing.  Just don't touch it for fear of tetanus!

I also realized that I hated my cabinet at the bottom of my staircase.  It was wood & holds my collection of wood burnt boxes.  It was just dark and nothing showed up very well.

I don't know why the thought never occurred to me - considering I paint just about all the wood in my house - but I decided duh - paint it.  So I used the bathroom paint we had & ta da - the blue really pops against the yellow.  The inside I had already painted green so I kept that.

I love it so much more.  It's a huge difference in what was there.  Plus, I've been way too lazy with my projects for sometime so it was nice to get some things done other than organizing drawers & closets.