My mom is ridiculous.

If you read this probably agree...and you know where I get it.

This post left my sisters and I reeling - what in the world is Mom talking about.  We've known her our entire life - daytime vs. nighttime underwear - what?!?

She enlightened us.  I seriously never knew she did this.  I don't think she always did.  I think it's a new trend in her life (mid-life crisis) started by easy access to the Jockey outlet in Tuscola.  She now can pour over undergarments never before seen in these parts. 

So I decided recently, mainly because all my underwear are shrinking which is weird - why would they all just shrink like that...that I'd try on this idea.  However, I took it a step farther.  I got into Jade's drawer & whipped out his boxer briefs.  That's right ladies, my skinny legged, tiny butt of a husband's boxer briefs.  You know what?!?  They fit like a glove & are uber - that's right uber - comfortable.  I think I may have to buy my own so I don't have to share with him!  I may have to try on his A shirts tonight to see if the combination is even better!

He however was shocked by this new trend.  He came into the bedroom and since they are shorts that are relatively long on me since I'm a short gal, I feel like I can walk around in them openly (until Kylie is in the basement - if it was just Maggie she'd get the treat of this).  Jade's jaw hit the ground & he just started laughing - laughing hard.  Then he proclaimed - that I - 37 weeks pregnant Annie - look like a Muay Tai fighter.  I said thank you!  I think it's a compliment Muay Tai fighters have muscular legs.  Apparently, that made him laugh harder, he didn't describe the junk in my trunk as muscular.

I found this picture here & thought oh my gosh it looks like me...with a goatee!  His belly is SO comparable right now!

Men should have to be pregnant at least once to understand...that would treat 'em right!  He's lucky I think he's funny too & love him despite his ridiculousness.