Where does the time go?  I really don't know, I can't figure it out! 

2010 was a great year for us! 
  • Jade turned 30 - still can't believe that one!  The man I knew at 16 weighed 140 pounds & now he's all grown up, and thankfully bigger than 140 pounds at 6'2"!
  • Then, he started his dream job - he opened up a land surveying business with one of his good friends & trust me friends it's such a blessing in our lives!!  He LOVES his job & he is home more in the evenings than he has ever been!
  • Everett started preschool & Aubrie entered her second year of preschool - ugh they are too big!
  • Ethel Edith was formed - my sisters & I as well as our Mom had a great time junking, slinging paint, and showing our goods!
  • In June, we found out we were having a 3rd baby - a girl!!
  • In October, we found out we needed to pray hard for Miss Ollie & her heart.
  • Maggie & Kylie decided to move in with us to be our Nanny McFrees.  The basement project is beginning to start.
  • We went to Disney and had the vacation of our lives with our favorite people!!  How I wish we could do that every year!
  • We purchased a swagger wagon - and love it - woot woot!  Maggie loved it so much she bought a swagger wagon too!
  • Our family is growing fast!  I'm going to be an Aunt again - thank you Maggie & Kylie - this time I want a boy :)
  • The best part about 2010 is my faith has grown and changed in ways I always prayed for, but never took the action to make a reality.  Thank the sweet sweet lord for the blessings he's poured upon me!

I can't imagine where our lives are going in 2011, but I'm excited for it.  Every year brings such new change in our children & it's exciting to see them grow and transform from toddlers into little people!  Plus, we get to celebrate another year of married bliss and thank our lucky stars that we are in this together as a team.  As a family, we will finally meet our new daughter and pray probably more than we ever thought we could!  No matter what we'll tackle it as a family, and I'll have Jade by my side picking me up when I fall down.  I have the best supporters a girl could ever ask for, and my community - well you can't beat this tiny little town.  Their hearts are oh so big & I am thankful I grew up and came back to raise my family here.

So I wish you all a very bright and shiny New Year as you enter 2011.  Hug the loved ones in your family tight, and remember to cherish them, because they are truly what is most important.  If I have learned anything in 2010, it is that we often take for granted the health of our loved ones, and we consume our lives with petty worries that seem at the time very important to us.  Make 2011 the year that you change and evaluate the blessings in your life!  Take time to slow down, take time to play with your kids - to hear them giggle and relish their hugs, let your house fall apart and pick it up later, kiss your husband before he leaves for work and right when he gets home at night.  Thank the good lord every single day for the blessings he has given to you because everything is his, and you get to manage it for him!  Oh and one last thing on my small rant - build a personal relationship with Christ today - don't wait around until it is convenient to you - he wants you in his kingdom today!  Trust me, if you ever truly face a hardship in your life, you will need HIM more than you ever expected.  Without HIM, our burdens can not be carried alone and it is too much to bear.


We love him, because he first loved us.
1 John 4:19