It's so funny how this blog makes you become friends with people you'd honestly never ever meet otherwise.  I have been very blessed in the last year to become friends with some wonderful women.  Women who pray diligently for my family & especially Miss Ollie, friends that e-mail me hysterical letters that make me laugh hard, and friends that also write amazing blogs that open my mind and get me laughing so hard I cry at times.

I have received two wonderful gifts in the last week I wanted to share.  First, Jessica sent me this heart she crafted.  It's perfect in Ollie's room and oh so appropriate...a heart!  Thank you lady I adore it!  Friends, she has an adorable son Aidan, and has sent me so many fabulous ideas about nursing & Ollie since it may be a struggle for us.  I so appreciate her!!

Then, I received a package from Cara, and oh my gosh my kids were SO excited!  They LOVE mail!  Cara is such a sweet heart and made me this special frame with the bible verse I've been running through my mind a lot lately.  I about died when I opened it, and now it's in my bedroom to remind me every day to stay strong to my Faith with Ollie.

She also found this little string doll, named of all things - Ollie!  I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  How often does anyone actually see or hear the name Ollie?  Aubrie about croaked and wore it on her backpack a few days to school to show it off.  Now it's on Ollie's diaper bag.  On the back of the tag it talks about this doll helping you overcome obstacles - again perfect.

Cara is a big sweetie with some adorable girls.  She also shares fabulous recipes if you ever need help in the kitchen.

So I want to thank you ladies, you went out of your way & thought of my family & I just can't believe your thoughtfulness!  Thank you thank you thank you again - I am so blessed to have "met" you in my life.  You both send me lovely notes, pray for us, and touch my heart with your friendship.