Well friends construction is under way on Maggie & Kylie's bedroom & Miss Caroline & Baby Pinto's room!

Dad is the man in charge.  He also likes to pose with pencils in his hat for pictures.  Taking breaks to model allows him to display a talent only few are capable of - the ability to wear bibs and make them look good!  Oh yes ladies - he is the real deal - but he's Moms.  I have been proud of my children.  Typically it's my job to harass my Dad.  They are now accusing him of every loud noise that is made since I can't be there supervising.  I know he's enjoying it!

Now Kylie is European model pretty - that's what the men in my family say - and he takes moments like this to pause & reflect - did I put on deodorant today?  Ha ha sorry I couldn't stop myself Kylie!

Everett is "helping".  I think he's mainly bossing.  They have to keep a close eye on him with all the tools because he thinks he's really big.

Aubrie on the other hand apparently has been taking baton lessons from Mom while Mom babysits.  Yes - Mom was a baton twirler - they didn't even have those when I was in high school.  None the less - Aubrie has learned the talent well, and always always always remembers to point the toe.

Two men - two boxes makes for a lot of conversation!  Abbie's husband Zac was the brains behind the TV cables.  He is a home theater man for Best Buy & he's good at TVs.  This is highly important & a priority on Kylie's list - well mine too when they move out!  We will put a lock on Maggie and Kylie's door not for secret business, but so Kylie can watch TV in peace while locking out my children.  I may actually be visiting their room when they are away so I can lock out my children!

While the men were working hard.  I was ten toes up in my recliner blogging.  Yes - I have a thing for animal print - I got that from Toots & my Mom.  I can't help myself...

The green bucket - well that's the puke bucket.  Yes, the flu is alive and well in my household.  The kids seem better, but the bucket is out just in case I get it.  I have been paranoid that I will get the flu...so I am prepared & hiding from it like a cheetah in disguise.

Many more pictures to come as the basement progresses.   Jade was out tonight at the handyman store while I was snapping photos.  I'm sure he's glad that he wasn't captured in action and teased tonight like the other men I love so much!  We started Tuesday, today most of the walls are in place, the electrical and TV cables are moving along or maybe done since I haven't went downstairs in a bit.  Hopefully this weekend we can begin insulation & then onto the drywall!!

Maggie you better start picking your paint colors, or I'll give you something shockingly bold to live in.  I would seriously love a hot pink room, but I don't think Kylie would!