Wow!  Time flies doesn't it?

Today I am officially term, officially 36 weeks! 

I just can't believe it's going so fast.  This summer when we found out, we were so surprised and excited.  We were still debating the 3rd baby with the other two so "big".  We were out of diapers and into sleeping through the night regularly.  We were having conversations that made sense & everyone had a booster seat now.  The thought of starting over, was a bit scary.  However, we still thought 3 was the right number, and that maybe this fall or winter would be the time if we were ever going to take the plunge. 

They say make a plan and God laughs right?!  So in June - Father's Day weekend to be exact - Jade & I realized we were becoming parents again, and oh my gosh we were excited.  And we realized Ollie was a miracle.  She was God's plan, not ours and we were so happy we were blessed with her.  We decided that we wouldn't find out her sex because it didn't really matter.  We wanted to be surprised.

And man, she has not stopped surprising us!  In September, I dreamt she was a girl with Down Syndrome.  I'm weird like that, but I always dream and know what my babies are.  I just know.  In October we saw the specialists and life crashed down - just temporarily.  October was Down Syndrome Awareness month & all the bloggers were posting daily blogs - 31 for 21 (Trisomy 21 is the real name of Down Syndrome).  It was a wonderful time to read about all these families & a big help emotionally.  Since this fall we've been on an uphill climb.  We've grown in our faith, and we've grown in our marriage.  We are stronger than we have honestly ever been, and after 14 years, we were pretty darn strong to start.  At this point, I don't know how Jade could be any better for me, but I know every year he gets better and better!  I heart him friends.

It's amazing that this one baby, that we debated over, has been such a blessing to us.  Such a joy, and we haven't even met her yet!  I am so excited and I know the next 3 weeks will fly by.  I can't wait to announce Ollie Faith to the world & I know so many people are praying over her and loving her - it's really quite unbelievable. 

Today I go to the OB in all the snow and wind (with Jade as my driver in a 4x4 big truck)!  It's just a checkup so everything should be well.  I do know that Ollie's head is locked & engaged!  How do I know?  Well the belly/crotch of all my pants are now too tight.  Her head is so low, that sitting in pants just shouldn't be done.  If I have 3 more weeks of this, I think I'll be sporting some unattractive yoga pants to work daily - apologies in advance!!

And don't worry - I washed the face off already!  If I paint that face on and whistle while moving my belly just right my kids laugh and laugh and laugh.  It's so worth it!