In 30 years of your life a lot can change.  Shoot I'm a young & sprite woman at the age of 28 - I haven't even lived a full 30 years yet!

For my parents, I would bet they would say that thirty years has flown by.  Today they celebrate 30 years of marriage.  That is a long time!!

They are the real deal my friends.  They were high school sweethearts, the parents of 5 children, and today they are still the best of friends.  They have went through some of the hardest heart wrenching things life can hand you - I have learned much about that with Ollie - and I still only know a fraction of what they have carried.  But they faced it as a team, and they have came out on the other side with the strongest marriage possible.  They have been the best examples to us girls of what true dedication to your spouse means as well as how to parent.  They have celebrated so many joys in life.  They have cried as we went to college, danced with us as we married our loves, took in our spouses as their own true sons, and most recently they have been thrilled to become grandparents.  I think they are most excited about the grandparents part - it is a job they both love! 

They have worked so hard in life to provide for us girls.  I can't put into words how hard my Dad works as a farmer.  I truly believe that no one works harder than farmers, or really my Dad!  My Dad raised all the grains you can in Illinois, plus he raises cattle.  It is a full-time job that never ends.  He doesn't get weekends off or evenings off - if there is work to be done it is on his shoulders, and they are big shoulders!  He has passed on his knowledge and smarts to his "sons".  It's a gift they couldn't get anywhere, but from a man like him.  My Jade has been transformed when it comes to what he can do with his hands & a herd of cattle because of my father & it's impressive to say the least!  My Mom stayed home with us girls & we were so blessed by it.  We have wonderful memories in the summer by the pool with our bowl of chips & kool aid, or exercising with her in the living room, or coming home to a fully redecorated house - and so so many more.  She taught us the importance of taking care of our homes and our husbands.  Lessons that not all girls are taught, but we were taught them well.  She is the reason I can cook, and why I know what a clean house means.  I used to think she was evil for it, but now thank the good lord she impressed that upon me!  She was the best example of what a loving wife and mother was.  We are to this day continually blessed by her over-whelming large, giving heart.  To this day, my parents still work hard to provide for us girls.  They give us more than we ever expect, and we are so grateful they are behind us.  I truly can say that if we are ever in a bind or a pinch, I can rely on them for help.   

So today, not only they celebrate 30 years of marriage, but as their children my sisters & I celebrate as well.  We are beyond honored to carry their family name, and to be known as their children.

Love you Mom & Dad!!