I was blessed in life with two of my best friends.  I just didn't always know it, because they were my sisters.  Growing up, you don't always know that your parents and your siblings are some of the greatest gifts in life, until you grow up a lot, look around, and realize how lucky you really are. 

Now that I'm an adult I realize how precious my relationships with them are.  I laugh so hard with my family that I am forced to wear a Poise pad 90% of the time I am around them.  Sad - I know, but at least my laugh lines when I'm old will be real!

So today I wish my baby sister a happy 24th birthday.  I love you so very very much.  You and your beautiful family have brought me so much joy and life just wouldn't be the same or as wonderful if you weren't in it.

Thank you for being there when I need you most & loving my babies as your own.  You are truly Nanny McFree for me next year, and I hope I return the favor in the best way I can!

Abbie Jane - it's not your birthday - I love you too!  I also miss your ridiculous ways.  You need to move your trailer out to our woods so you can be around more often!