Aubrie's 5th birthday party was a hit.  We wrapped things up with a dance party to Yo Gabba Gabba.  Aubrie picked up some new body roll movies from the Disney parades which are hysterical and flipped the glasses right off her face, Everett jumped around so much he flipped his recliner, Caroline rocked out her chubby thighs in circles, and I laughed so hard I cried.  Plus, I may have snorted a few times on the video.  Please enjoy the chaos that is my house on a regular basis!

Favorite comments from the kids:

Everett:  "Aubrie's not 5!  I'm 46!"  This is so funny because Everett not once has realized that he is 3, he only replies I'm not 3 I'm big.
Aubrie:  "It's so beautiful Mommy - so beautiful that it breaks my heart"  About the jewelry box I bought her with the fairy ballerina. 
Aubrie after a discussion about her growing up too fast.  "I have to keep growing, but I promise to take it day by day."
Aubrie after opening her gift from her aunts a Nintendo DS - "I love it I got a N-tendo"

Overall it was a great time!  I still can't believe my biggest girl is 5 - it kills me, but she's sweet as can be and brings me so much joy!  Life is good!