Tomorrow morning we head home to reality.  Back to the cold weather, and into snow.  I miss my house though, and my Trudie, and my bed - it will be nice to get back to that.  I dread the flight, it scares me to death with my kids for some reason. 

Florida has been a great retreat for us.  I could go on and on over all those little moments that added up to the best vacation ever.  Something about seeing those huge grins on your kids faces day after day that make you tear up and thank your lucky stars that we were fortunate enough to take this trip.  We just had the best time filled with days at the beach, days at Disney, days where you get naps, and I laughed until I cried who knows how many times.  We have so many new family jokes after this trip, it's fantastic.

Next week it's back to reality.  Back to 3 doctor appointments in 3 days - two very important days will be spent traveling to doctors for Ollie.  I'm praying the trips are good for Jade & I and not too stressful.  To say I'm dreading it and looking forward to it all in one is an understatement.  Luckily this week has been a break from that and I'm very thankful.

Thanks Mom & Dad for bringing us along on your vacation & thanks Aunt Jackie for providing us two sweet condos to live in.  Thank you to Jade for those beef cattle you raised to pay for the trip - that's another reason why I love me some beef, also thank you for signing up for 4 full days of Disney - you are quite the man :)

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