Wow -this long weekend of my life has flown by! 

Christmas was beyond great this year!  Both kids were old enough to actually get what Christmas was & enjoy being around all their family!

This is Everett and my Grandma Toots (the real Ethel Edith).  Isn't she a doll - I mean seriously she's too cute!  I want to say she's 86 this year, but I lie too often so I may be off a year.  I think she's 87 this spring though.

Aubrie enjoys a good pose & a candy cane.  See how packed Grandma's house is!  It's the BEST house for Christmas - she goes all out.  If you can tell above the windows are stockings she made for each family that are all bedazzled with trinkets & yoyos.  I LOVE mine!!

This is Grandpa Howard.  He is 92.  He's pretty cute too!  He gave me a big long hug when I left - I do love him so.

Maggie took this picture of Jade & I and it's really cute!  I just love this man so much & am so blessed each and every day with him.  See the tinsel wreath above us?  Oh there are many many more in this fabulous huge bungalow of Grandma's!

Maggie & Kylie are pretty cute too!  Behind them is a big mural above the fireplace that they found under old wall paper - so neat!

Bean was having a great time.  She let her thighs out to play for awhile and laughed hard with her cousins!

At home on Christmas morning was my favorite time.  My mom took my kids shopping for Jade & I and Aubrie did all the wrapping.  I still can't get over how great my package was wrapped.

I did though when I saw Jade's gift because it was even better!  How cute is that Aubrie of mine?!?

The kids had a blast and got way too many things.  Their favorite gift - two fantailed goldfish named Tuna & Patty.  Their second favorite - pillow pets!

I took a bit of time for a homemade Christmas and made Everett a robot pillow with an E.

Then I made a Russian doll pillow with an A for Aubrie.  They liked them, not as much as the fish & toys, but they were excited - I packed them in a huge box to throw them off!

My best gift was the paintings made by the kids.  Aubrie's is the top, it's a cat in the rain - funny I know.  Everett's is I think just the rain.  I'm not really sure.  I hung them in my bathroom so I can see them every day.

For church they got dressed in their finest!  We have a very casual church so we don't do this often, but my gosh they were cute today.

It took multiple tries to score this picture.  Aubrie finally stopped tickling his ear, and he was finally able to get her hair out of his face!

Tonight we went to Mom & Dad's.  We were all dying to get there.  We usually go Christmas day, but a wedding in Zac's family pushed us back to this afternoon.  We still had a fabulous time and got in some much needed naps!

Maggie got Dad the best gift - a shark tooth necklace.  It's a long standing joke & oh gosh it was funny.  She measured her thigh to know how big to make the leather strap for the necklace & it was tight.  Can you even imagine a neck made of steel - as big as a 24 year old woman's thigh?  Too stinking funny!

Mom found his second best gift.  A man's sized box of Whitman's.  This is his favorite gift at Christmas & when she found it I insisted she had to buy it for him.  The inside is ridiculous!

We got Mom a great gift.  A portrait of her house by Farmgirl Paints.  She cried which made it even better!

I forgot to take pictures at Jade's Moms.  We spent time there Christmas day and her food is to die for.  I'm still full today from it all!

More to come of Mom's special gift from Dad.  Prepare to be amazed!!