I got the cutest gift in the mail this week from Rebecca at This Present Life Blog.  She is a stay at home Mom that came up with the brilliant idea that is the binky bag! 

Rebecca said:
The idea for my Binky Bag was born almost 2 years ago at 2am when my daughter was crying and I was frantically searching her crib, the floor, under her for the lost pacifier. In Houdini-like fashion (she was swaddled at the time), her pacifier usually somehow managed to become wedged between the crib and the wall, or make it's way underneath her. No matter where it ended up, I could never get to it fast enough to avoid the complete meltdown phase. In my frustrated and sleep deprived state, I decided that there should be a way to keep extra pacifiers handy so that I could grab a spare one in the middle of the night when my daughter was crying. Thus the Binky Bag was born.

I think the binky bag is going to be so handy!  I wish I had something like this for Everett because he was obsessed with his pacifier!

Here is the Binky Bag she sent for Miss Ollie.  It holds 3 pacifiers!  I can't wait until Ollie is here to use it!

If you are interested in a Binky Bag for yourself or as a great gift, check out Rebecca's Etsy Store Happy Baby Designs.