I don't know how, or when, or why, but my baby girl is now 5.  Big girl legs and all.

My little sister is also 24 - not sure how that happened either!  Their birthday is 1 day apart, so Maggie I think is thrilled to share a party, the cake, & the glory!

She got a Disney "creature" cake & loved it.  Thank you Abbie Jane for ordering it for me in the week of chaos I had!

This year is the first year she blew out her candles & this face is priceless!

Everett immediately did the finger dip.  Cakes wouldn't be the same without brothers doing finger dips in them!

The entire family was over & it was a full house.

Aubrie loved it! 

Now I have to realize that in August she'll go to school every day all day long & then - she'll turn 6!!