Today I went to the specialist for an ultrasound to monitor Ollie's growth & while we were there they decided to do another full echo of Ollie's heart.

Today was a good day - no more bad news.  As far as everything is concerned Ollie is doing well & growing.  She's on the smaller scale, but at the 38% they aren't concerned about her size right now.  Her heart, other than her AV Canal defect that is scary, looks good & is growing how it should - that was a huge relief.  Sometimes the heart will grow unevenly with this defect, but hers is even - praise the lord!

So basically no new news is good news!  The Dr. was upset that I still haven't been called with an appointment time for Peoria to see a pediatric cardiologist so she personally called today.  I should have my appointment by Friday or I am to call her and hopefully she'll throw a stomping fit and I'll be in.  I'm really hoping to get up there before vacation or the week after we are back.  I'm anxious to talk to the pediatric cardiologist & get all the information I can about Ollie's heart.

So thank you for the continued prayers!  Keep them coming - she's one special and very loved little girl!