I'd like to start this post with Aubrie's newest joke.

Why do seagulls fly over the sea and not they bay??
Because if they flew over the bay they would be baygulls.

Aubrie had to get a picture with this giant snowman.

Sis loved the flamingos!

Touching stingrays was a highlight of the day.  Just for the record they are soft and slimy.

Everett got seriously splashed twice and laughed so hard.  He sleeps every night with a sting ray so this was probably his favorite part of the day.

Underwater dolphin viewing was awesome.  The kids LOVED it! 

Aubrie took Dolly the dolphin with us.  Grandma Janie plays the roll of Dolly & Aubrie thinks she's hilarious.

The manatees were seriously huge.  I still can't get over the size of their pores - really it's insane.

Again underwater viewing was fantastic - the kids loved this feature.

Next we went to the dolphin show, which seriously was fantastic.  Dolphins with acrobats - you can't go wrong there.  Aubrie made me take a picture of every single "aminal" we ran into.  Her favorite phrase is "Mom get a picture get a picture or Kylie get a video get a video!".  I have to make her a personal album now full of animals.

Oh yes he's standing on that dolphins nose!  Makes me want to rethink my career!!

Caroline really enjoyed the show too!

A squirrel was a highlight of the day.  See Everett's sneaky hand to the left - 10 more seconds and that squirrel would be his.

They have a great big shark tunnel - again I took tons of shark pictures for Aubrie Grace!

She couldn't get over the sharks teeth!

Finally a new family picture!  By the way I was REALLY tired last night!

Everywhere we went Caroline would crack up.  Even some tourists took her picture - which was pretty entertaining.

Jade & Kylie took the kids on their first roller coaster ride ever.

They absolutely LOVED it!  See Kylie beside Aubrie.  Her hands were in the air.  He videoed her the entire time which is pretty amusing.  She was thrilled and then the look of panic set in and then she was back to all smiles again.  They didn't realize you could get back in line and do it again!!

The Shamu show was good, but nothing like the dolphin show!

A picture with Shamu - they were SO excited!!  It's pretty good too!!

On the way out we got a picture by a giant tree.  The decorations are just amazing down here!

After we left SeaWorld we checked into our condo and let me tell you it's oh so nice compared to the beach side hotel we had been staying out.  We have 2 real bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, two bathrooms, and ooh la la a washer & dryer.  We're living the high life now & even got groceries!

What's next?  Sunday we're doing a lazy pool day & lazy river with a bit of shopping.  Sunday night we're headed to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Christmas Extravaganza party.  It's from 7-12 with hot cocoa, fireworks, parades, character meet & greets.  We are pumped.  Stay tuned for fabulous costumes on Caroline and Aubrie put together by Grandma Janie - they are beyond words cute!!