Today I got home and found this on the fridge.

Aubrie saw a blue jay and decided to draw him all on her own.  Can you believe at nearing 5 she's this good?  Of course I'm partial, but I'm so proud of her!

I recently bought a huge bulletin board for our laundry room for her craft and art projects.  She makes as many as she possibly can in a day & I can't keep up with them all on my board. 

I hope she always stays this creative and continues to have a hobby she loves like this - maybe even a career!

PS - I am impatiently being patient about our appointment in Peoria.  No news yet about an appointment date after nearly 3 weeks.  My regular OB made some phone calls because he wants me in soon because this next appointment determines where they want us to deliver.  So hopefully early next week we'll have an appointment.  So I have a prayer job for you dear friends - pray that Miss Ollie's valves are OK.  If her valves are OK then we'll have surgery they estimated at 3-6 months, if her valves also need repaired it may b