A quick update. We finally got our appointment in Peoria after waiting 4 weeks. We’ll meet Dr. Bramlet, a pediatric cardiologist, at the Illinois Children’s Hospital in Peoria on December 7th to get his opinion. At our last appointment I asked our specialist - why Peoria over St. Louis. The Dr. said we could choose over the two, but she wanted us to go to Peoria since the appointment was already in the works. I decided to research St. Louis on my own & found the website & sent a generic e-mail to their heart center expecting that it would get lost in the works. The very next day I got a call from the nurse coordinator getting all of our information together. Today she called and I have my appointment time – she is truly awesome to talk to! So December 8th we go to Barnes to meet Dr. Lee and then they want us to meet their maternal fetal specialists, which I usually go to Champaign for, and tour the facility so if we select St. Louis and deliver there we know their team in advance.

So please keep praying for us. I’m not sure which hospital is the right one for us (Jade & I are hoping St. Louis since it’s closer & more familiar). We have a very big decision to make in the coming weeks, and we need all the guidance we can get! Also, pray for the two cardiologists that we will meet. They are both considered young in their field, but are highly regarded doctors, and they will be holding Ollie’s future essentially in their hands.