Today we leave for Disney at 6 AM.  Jade is so excited he can't sleep.  Thus, I can't sleep.  So pray for us because our two kids are sleeping like babies right now so they will be all ramped up today excited for their first plane right and the sites that Florida has to behold!

So what am I looking forward to?
10 full days without work of any kind
Giggles from my kids & my Mom & sisters
Walking onto Main Street with Aubrie at the Magic Kingdom
The food!
That flip flops fit my growing feet no matter what
Everett's over-expressive eyebrows at every new thing he sees
Taking my kids on their first "real" vacation
Sharing it all with my favorite people, my family
The fact that we're still going despite our Ollie news - we need the extra happy
Seeing Disney decked out for Christmas for the first time ever
Riding any ride they will possibly let a 27 week pregnant lady on
Getting our faces painted
Pictures, hugs, and kisses with every character we meet
Mickey & Minnie's houses - enough said
oh and did I mention Swiss Family Robinson's tree house???  I won't leave until I see it
The parrot room
It's A Small World
I could go on and on and on

So yes, our house is locked up and someone will be here taking care of dogs so don't come rob us.  I don't think you'd ever find it, but I'm just throwing it out there for Jade's sanity :)  We will return on Saturday the 4th & we will be reunited with our pug, Trudie - she's probably the only thing I'll miss other than my sweet bed while we are gone.

Since I desperately need new pictures, here are my kids last June on our mini-3 day vacation to St. Louis.  We had a blast, but you'll see in my new pictures I plan to take how much they have grown!  Where does the time go seriously?

Oh  her remains of the perm from her friendly hair cut - now it's past her shoulders and stick straight again!

Oh  how this boy melts me, and he looks SO much like my cousins, the Lively's.
So have a very very Thankful Thanksgiving this year friends.  You have a lot to reflect on in your lives & should feel so blessed!  I can't believe what 2010 has brought my family & I couldn't be more thankful for everything God has provided to us, and I look forward to what he will reveal to us in the coming year!  He always has the ultimate plan if we rely upon him!

God Bless!!