You see my dear sweet sister Maggie is a hair dresser - a great one at that.  And of all things, I get bored very quickly with my hair.  Conveniently she fixes it right up.  I've been platinum, overly highlighted, dark brown, several shades of red, and I've rocked pieces of black or even pink as well.  I've had it super short with baby bangs & then a little past my shoulders - I can't get it any longer because the impatience kicks in!

When I get pregnant - I grow my Mom hair.  I don't know why, but I dye it brown and then I do nothing too it but let it grow, and I hate it the entire time.  Don't get me wrong - I like long hair on others, but this is what I do when I'm pregnant so I call it my Mom hair.  So where should I go? 

My face is getting huge because I'm putting on too much weight with baby Ollie & for some reason my chin likes to double when I'm pregnant!  However, I loved my hair super short, it was easy easy and I just thought I pulled it off.  So here is my hair journey over the last 2 years - missing several colors, but it contains most of the cuts!  If you wonder about my Jade, he likes it longer, but he also wishes it was long & blonde, and it's never been that so he just loves me & gets a "new" wife every few months or weeks!

This was me in October & see my chin coming out - ick!  I'm back to brown with a chin length stacked  cut.

This summer I went for a highlighted look, but as I become even more pale in the winter it washes me out too much.  I think the brown is better with my skin and eyes.

This was one of my growing out phases & the color was fabulous here.   

Before that it was super super short and dark brown - I loved it.
I also love her - that's my best friend and darn it I need to see her soon!

This was before I was brave enough to just cut it off.  Probably 2 years ago.

Oh and this is going way back to when Aubrie was 1 - she's almost 5.  Jade looks ridiculously young here & you see - grown out brown hair - it's what I do.

So should I have Maggie cut it off short short again tomorrow to prepare for my fabulous trip to Disney?  I'd have to take only product - no straightener on my trip.  I really think my Tinkerbell painted face I plan to get at the Magic Kingdom would glow with short hair!  Ha ha I'm ridiculous!