Today I am 28 years old.  Fourteen years ago I met Jade and our story began.  I have officially spent half my life with this man & from this point forward more of my life has been spent with him than without him.  We share amazing memories together, and trust me we had a few bumpy roads in our earlier dating years as well.  We have been blessed beyond measure with two beautiful healthy children, a home that he built, and a marriage filled with friendship and the occasional argument to keep it real. 

Back then I was probably obsessed a bit with him, but at the young and immature age of fourteen I knew he was my future husband.  Our future is still unknown, but we know we have some rough days ahead as we welcome our daughter Ollie into our family.  However, everything we have went through has been together.  We are stronger now than we have ever been, and we honestly can't imagine life without each other.  So I look forward to my future spent with my best friend.  I am more than proud to be called his wife & to stand by his side as we celebrate a lifetime together. 

Tonight we celebrate by taking Aubrie to her preschool open house & baking cornbread for Everett's preschool Thanksgiving party tomorrow.  It should be a fun night & the kids are very excited!  Plus this week comes Florida - I can't wait!

To see some very old pictures of us in our earlier years, here is a blog of our dating story & one with our
engagement and wedding photos.  Enjoy because all of my pictures are old!  I hope to get some new ones in Disney!