We left Illinois without a hitch - other than pouring rain the entire drive.  The three kids were tucked in tight as could be into the back of the van!

We got to the airport about 3 hours early fearing long lines at security.  We hopped on the shuttle & the kids were ecstatic - and so was Maggie!

There were virtually no lines and security was a breeze.  The airport was extremely slow.  We found our terminal and luck have it - they had a HUGE candy store that kept luring in my kids...and Jade.

One giant blow pop later & Aubrie was ready to go!

So was Caroline.  Gotta love her hair and those legs!

We boarded the flight and we each took a kid - Jade drew Everett's name, and he had to poop 2x while on the 2 hour flight.  Lucky Jade!

I was with Aubrie & she was rather easy, but she is a loud talker and never stopped.

It was bumpy through the rain, and I've seriously never prayed so hard in my life.  Flying with kids opens up a whole new terror that I had never been aware of - I used to fly constantly and this flight was like none I've ever experienced & it was easy.  I dread the flight back just because again I'll be terrified of some crash with my babies, but I know I know - they are safer than cars.  I still don't care!

Aubrie wanted a cloud picture - pretty huh!

We arrived in Orlando at it was 77 degrees.  Talk about beautiful weather!!  The kids were really excited to get on the shuttle & head to our next destination - our beach side hotel!

Then they got in our rental van and passed out along with Kylie.  Good thing his arms were there for head support :)

So far - best trip ever!  This was Thanksgiving day so I have more pictures to share soon!