Today we hit up the Animal Kingdom - again Disney is fantastic!!

We started with the Bug's Life show and we love it every time. Aubrie jumped several times and they laughed hard!

We ran into Pooh Bear, Tigger, & Eeyore.  They were thrilled!  Everett's perma-grin when he would hug the characters & Aubrie's smile when she'd collect signatures made my day!

We scored another family picture in front of the Tree of Life.

Abbie took Aubrie on the safari ride.  Even though our gator on our land is probably a rougher ride, I wasn't allowed on it pregnant.  So I hung back with Maggie.

The big joke had been that when they are all riding all the big rides I'd get my face painted.  They all thought I was joking, but I had to carry through with my joke.  Maggie luckily joined in.  I can't even begin to start on the weird stares we were getting as two adult women fully face painted.  We didn't get the simple fairy eyes no sirree.  We went balls to the wall - Panda - Zebra style.  The looks on our families face as they exited their ride was priceless!

  The kids then wanted their faces painted & how could I say no?  So Aubrie got the tiger & Everett the Cheetah.

Much to the men's dismay - Mom & Abbie joined in.  Abbie got a unicorn & Mom got leopard eyes.  We were hilarious.

 Then we got couple's photos.  The men again were just thrilled to be by our sides.

It was a hilarious good time & worth every single penny.

Kylie's face here kills me.  As does the half stick of bamboo hanging out Maggie's chops.

Dad's shirt also cracks me up.  We are dead serious about our beef cattle - we don't mess around with steaks my friends.  

We ran into Lilo & Stitch as well.  Aubrie was thrilled, but Everett decided he didn't really like them so he opted out of the picture.  He's a crazy man.

Overall it was another great day topped off with a homemade meal of lasagna & bread at the condo by Abbie Jane.  It was in the 80s today - I hear at home it was pouring rain - I don't miss cold pouring rain!!