I did it!  I survived our week & in my kids think I'm "cool".  Which - when did they start using the word cool?  Really?!?

Here are the two special cupcakes I made for Aubrie and Everett to have at home.  Yes - I am a cool Mom!

This is what Everett's classroom received.  Now I must note b/c Maggie was giving me heck about it.  I didn't make anything like this for Aubrie's class and never have.  It's because her school requires store bought treats not because Everett is my golden boy, although he sure is!

Although Aubrie was sad about not taking the treats above to her class, she was in LOVE with the chicken feet I crafted her.

Oh yes, rubber gloves, tissues, and a wooden spoon to stuff = chicken feet.

She was so happy she crowed about it, and then made this hilarious smile face that she's started making lately.  Unfortunately she has her mother's overbite & braces will be in her future.  She's a beauty though!!

So there you have my Halloween week of parties.  Stay tuned - tonight we haunt the town as Spiderman & Minnie Mouse & we will be CUTE doing it!