My sister Abbie wrote a post today on what she's thankful for & in turn inspired me to do the same.

1.  My husband.  Everything about him makes me love him more & I am a better person because of him.  He's a strong man in hard times & I just can't get over how much I really need him - always and forever no matter what.

2.  My kids.  Everett's absolute obsession with me makes me feel like a shiny special stone & Aubrie's love
to the moon & back for me always makes me sparkle a little brighter.

3.  Ollie wiggles and kicks often.  Every kick makes me happy & excited about our future.  He or she is one special baby.

4.  My family - all 100+ of them- I have gotten so many messages of love & support from cousins & aunts, etc. - I love them for all the right reasons.  They are beyond supportive & can't wait to share in our growing family.

5.  My parents - without them life wouldn't be the same.  We need more parents like them in the world - they are perfect and they don't even have to try to be.  If I am half as good as them - I'm one heck of a Mom.

6.  My dear friends.  Through this process we have become very aware of the people that truly love and care for us.  We really need friends right now who go out of their way to support us, hug us, wipe away our tears, and to make us laugh when we feel like crying.  Friends like that are few and far between, and are some of the best things in life.  We have been very blessed with some very special friends old and new.  I appreciate them more than they know, but I think they do know :)

7.  My church.  Sunday was a hard day in that place for me, but it was a good place for me to be.  I love that church.  Everything about it inspires & lifts you up.

8.  Vacation - that's right.  I am counting down the sweet sweet days until my entire family heads to Disney.  It's the happiest place on Earth & we can use all the happy we can get right now!

9.  Trudie Claudette.  This is my pug I've had since I was 20.  I swear she knows something is up and sits her head on me as much as she can.  She is a spoiled brat & refuses to follow my rules, but she's special to me.

10.  My faith.  For as little Bible knowledge as I truly know - which I'm working on - I have a very strong faith.  Jade & I actually took a "gifts" test at our church & faith was the highest scoring category for both of us.  In our current situation - our faith is all that gets us through the day & what keeps us strong.  Without our faith & strong belief - I can't imagine where we'd be - but not nearly where we are now.

11.  Finally for all of you.  I don't know most of you and probably never will, but you have overwhelmed my blog with stories of inspiration, prayer, bible verses, and encouragement.  For that I will always be appreciative.  I have met a few new "friends" that have given me inspiration & books to read by e-mail.  I already have them on order & I'm anxious to read all I can about Down Syndrome before Ollie arrives.  Yes nothing is certain & Ollie may not have DS, but by golly if he or she does, I am going to know everything I can before we meet.  I know I'll probably fall on my face a few times learning more, but that's the best part of parenting - learning about your children as you learn about yourself. 

Don't forget to pray for Ollie!