This post is for my sisters & my Mom.  It will ramp you up, and you'll be more anxious than ever...

Disney makes you...

want to dance like a 4 year old in the streets
paint your face like a fairy
throw pixie dust in the air
laugh so hard you cry & your cheeks hurt
eat foot long hot dogs & Doritos all day long
get pictures with every character making ridiculous faces even though you are an adult & passersby stare at you
fight seagulls with your bags that try to steal your huge turkey legs from you
wear Disney t-shirts every day that you'd never truly wear in public at home
throw a fit not to leave until you see Swiss Family Robinson's tree house
sing every Disney song you know
skip silly into the park
tear up when you see Cinderella's castle
ride the teacups & Dumbo's ride
buy your kids thick sneakers to make them just a tad bit taller
act like a kid for 10 days straight
wear the same sweatshirt every day & not care (we don't go in peak season for all those questioning this)
visit all the countries in Epcot & try to fake accent them all
always see Indiana Jones & always be amazed at how cool that man is
wear ponchos in the rain and love it
make funny faces to strangers on the monorails as they fly by
eat even more junk food the rest of the day
want all the souvenirs for yourself
be exhausted, but don't want to leave
get up early to get back as soon as you can
oooo and aww over Minnie & Mickeys houses because they are too fabulous
scream on every big ride and love it (as I stand on the side watching you this time!)
point to all the animals on jeep safari ride
oooo and awww over every single detail & decoration that Disney throws up b/c they are all fabulous
go into every 3D show you can
hug a Muppet
cry when you have to leave
laugh for years about all the fun you had

I CAN'T WAIT for vacation with my family.  It will be the best time & you can't find any more happy than when you are at Disney.  Prepare Mom because when Aubrie's face lights up in excitement - you'll cry - and so will I!