known to laugh until they cry
known to laugh until they pee their pants
unexpected when they show up at the party with football lines of mascara on their faces
totally unexpected when said women decide to go all out with mascara - mustaches, beards, eyebrows and enter Wal-Mart to do some shopping.

Last night some of my favorite people loaded up in the swagger wagon.  We rode illegal - without seats through our tiny town.  We went to Walmart, and then we were seen at McDonalds.  We may have been spotted running through the dark & falling into ditches.

We laughed until we cried & had one of the best nights we've all probably had this fall.

We may or may not have participated in some good hearted pranks on those we love in town. 

Maggie rocks a fine unibrow.

My best friend Melissa looks great with some thick chops and a tiny goat.

I went all out and opted for the full on goatee.

Abbie kept us all perplexed as we wondered what she was really thinking!

We had to take our standard best friend shot.

As did Abbie & Maggie.

 Mom rocked a tiny Hitler stash, but mainly resembled a cat.  My cousin Ellen closely resembled one of my other cousins & it was ha-larious and really an inside joke!

Jamie & my Aunt Jamie also had on some fine paint.  Jamie had the handle bar stache & Aunt Jamie - well she needed more.

She could have passed as a man here, but...

The eyebrows really gave her the scary man look.  We laughed so hard here we were wheezing.

Thank you to the women in my life for being so stinking funny without even trying.  You made a night out on the town a belly laughing good time!!