After the news Jade & I received last week, we needed to do something fun to clear our minds.  If you didn't read my post & you don't know about our sweet baby, Ollie, please go read the post & pray - pray hard for us!

So this weekend we got invited to an ATV Scavenger Hunt!  If you don't live in Central IL or somewhere very rural you are saying what?  Well - here a large population of people around our age have some type of Rhino, Ranger, or Gator.  They are 4 wheel ATVs that have two seats, typically windshields & tops & then beds.  We have a John Deere Gator that goes about 30 mph, but these other ATVs can go quite a bit faster - 50+ mph.

We use ours for fun.  We give our kids rides, do yardwork, or Jade & my Dad use them on the cattle farm to move the herd.  Our friends use theirs mainly for fun.  They go on river/mudding trips on these things.  They are basically a GREAT time.

So we set off on a 5 hour scavenger hunt that took us all over the south side of our county.  It was a blast.  My team had 5 couples & yes we ended up winning the loot!  Each team payed in $20 to play so we left with $100 in winnings & a day that took our mind off everything on our hearts.

This was my team. Out front is my daddy-o.  We had to find someone to take us on a 15 minute hay ride & he was the man.  Since we were searching for clues the entire time, it was a hayride pushing 50 mph - it was thrilling & fun!  What else did we do?  Searched cemeteries for the oldest tombstone, stole & returned laundry to a strangers clothesline, TPed a stranger in broad daylight, drove to a different town that literally only has a Subway & a bar & had to get a pizza delivered to the bar - challenging it was!, catch a fish & keep it alive all day, catch a goat & get a picture with it, climb a tree, find all kinds of crazy items & solve riddles, and lastly get a picture of a law enforcement officer's license plate - tricky considering these babies aren't technically street legal - yet!

So we had a blast with family & friends & made some extra cash for our growing Ollie fund!

PS - For those of you praying - please keep it up!  We go back on the 26th.