What Babe?

Babe with the Power.

Oh I'm sorry - I went into a Labyrinth rant there.  Gosh my sisters & I loved that movie.  If you haven't seen it - you must.  If you have seen it - I agree it is totally weird & fantastic wrapped into two hours of fun.

So onto my point.  Our baby has an official name.  It's name is Ollie.  Yes we don't know the sex, but it will be Ollie if it's a boy or a girl.  It's not your normal unisex name, but it could easily go both ways because you never hear this name anymore. 

Now I know it's a different name.  I like to give my children older traditional names.  Our two kids were named after Aubrey, Jade's grandfather & Everett, my grandfather.  So rightfully our third child should be named after a grandparent.  Jade's other grandpa was Ollie.  We never met him, but we have heard stories.  Jade's Dad told us that Ollie had the same personality as Jade so I know we would have loved him.

I really like the first name we have chosen.  The middle names are still in the works, but what we have picked out are also family names for people we love and adore.  Trust me they will be fabulous - my girl name is my favorite combination!

So my three kids are Aubrie, Everett, & Ollie - perfect?  I think so.

P.S.  - I know that when people talk about baby names that other people often share their opinions.  This is one reason Jade & I don't really discuss our ideas for names until we have one picked.  I have been told in the past that Everett was an awful name & I shocked several people by it.  I still do when we go to the Dr. and the nurse looks in the waiting room for an 80 year old man and meets my 3 year old son.  However, this is our choice & if you don't like our names, please keep it to yourself and remember the golden rule.