I like to think of myself as a very nice person.  I hardly ever get mad at people other than my family.  I try not to.  I am always polite & very nice when it comes to dealing with people I don't know.  I work customer service so I feel I get a lot further with people by being nice, and I hate when customers are mean to me - I'm just trying to be helpful.  However, today I wasn't so nice. 

I told you that Jade & I had to rip out our shower surround a mere 3 years later.  Well the people at the store wouldn't work with us at all, they said we had to call the manufacturer.  So I thought it was a lost cause, but I would try it out.  The guy at the manufacturing place was just awesome.  Very friendly, nice, & to top it off - he said he'd refund our money for our shower.  It couldn't have been a better customer service experience.  All we needed to do was take our receipt & the return number to the store & they'd refund it.  Now the kicker was that we MAY need to take the shower back as well.

So being a follower of all orders - I called up the store.  I just wanted to know if we needed to bring the surround with us when we do the return because honestly it's ripped out into about 20 pieces, and I don't know why they'd want the mess.  You can't just get a 6' tub & surround out in one piece - if you can you are amazing.

So the older gentleman at the store in the plumbing department just kept arguing with me.  He didn't want to do the return.  He had several reasons why he didn't want to do the return, but mainly because our shower had been discontinued in their system.  However, that's not my problem.  If the manufacturer will give the store a refund to refund me the money - what's the problem?  The store is not out anything.  I proceeded to get kind of rude to the man.  I feel quite bad about it because he's an elder - you don't get grumpy with elders.  I had to though, and he talked to the manager & found out a way to make it work & quickly realized that I was right - he should have known that by my war voice that only my kids witness. 

So despite my slight twinges of guiltiness for being a rude customer - I am thrilled & could do a happy dance jig!  Our new bathroom redo will only cost us $100 out of pocket.  It's definitely worth that to have something to withstand our children.  Hooray!

Oh and if you see me out and about - really don't be scared of me.  I'm very nice & shy.