Dear friends - I had to let you know that this Saturday is our second and bound to be the best fall show.  I am beyond excited.  Seriously I am.  We have some really large pieces that are just going to knock your socks off.  We all know I'm not a wood girl, but two of our pieces were so stunning we left them wood - oh man if you need a big cabinet you MUST come!  Seriously you must. 

We have lots of turquoise this time which is one of my favorite colors - I have too many favorite colors!  To top it all off, they are predicting just the most beautiful day.

So please come and see us.  There are multiple vendors selling all kinds of goods & snacks.  Then Whitewater Gardens will have the best fall plants available to pick from.  It's bound to be a great time :)

Click HERE for details.

Oh man I'm jigging I'm so excited - I probably shouldn't have shared that small detail with you because now you are envisioning my growing body in a jig, but seriously - I am :)