So three years ago this October we moved into our brand new home.  We purchased the tub stall below for the kids' bathroom as we were building.

 Since then, the kids have some how punched FIVE whopping holes in the tub. 

We took away all their bath toys except their rubber ducks & last night they did the last & final hole that proceeded to leak into the ceiling of our basement bathroom - fabulous. 

See the hole to the left & the huge patch from a previous hole.  The fiberglass was seriously slightly thicker than an eggshell - what the what?!?

We knew this wasn't going to work.  So we took a trip to Menards.  We found out while we were there, that the manufacturer had a defect lot of these stalls come in that had this problem - lucky us!  So we have two options.  Buy the exact same stall again because they don't have a different one that can guarantee a heavier duty tub, or do something else.

We went with the second option, considering Everett is a wild man & we have a baby on the way - we need this tub to actually stand up to 3 kids.

So we came home & my handsome husband started ripping this baby out.  We thought it would be tough, but it came out easier than it should have honestly!

The old stall is completely gone now & the mess was actually minimal. 

So what's our plan?

We are buying a steel bathtub that is coated in white.  Then we plan to do subway tile on the walls.  I am shockingly excited about this project!

Everett's face was extreme shock when he saw what his father had done.  See his hands out to the side in an Oh My expression - I wish I had captured his face because his eyebrows were nearly in his hairline over this one!  Then he yelled "It's BEAUTIFUL!"  Ha - he's so confused.  His sister was more upset with Jade.  She proclaimed that Grandma Janie was going to be wildly disappointed in him.