Yesterday I spent the day at home with my kids.  Aubrie threw up first thing in the morning which was a big surprise. 

Despite the one time puking event, we had a fun day.  I cleaned the entire house & we watched a lot of Tom & Jerry and laid around cuddling.  I laughed hard at them several times. 

I realized yesterday that I am raising odd children - I blame Jade!

In the time it took me to turn off Tom & Jerry & find a new cartoon to watch Bob Ross was on TV painting trees.  Everett freaked out.  He started waving his hands around going "No no no no no - I don't like it!  I don't like it!"  Now I know the perfect punishment for him - Bob Ross!

Then Aubrie proclaimed she has a new favorite color - tongue pink.  Doesn't that sound like a beautiful color for a wall!  Ha ha!