So we are packing up & heading out this fall to my most favorite place on Earth - Disney.  I am counting down the weeks!  Since I have been at my job (nearly 5 years), I have never went on a vacation more than a 4 day weekend.  I am ready to get out and enjoy Disney for all it's worth, some Cocoa Beach, & some down time. 

We're staying in 2 condos with my entire family.  That's right 8 adults & 3 kids - should be entertaining & yes we have a harness for Everett already - just in case.  If you think that is terrible - you'd totally understand if Everett was your son!!

I already have autographed books purchased & Mickey ears with their names on them.  I think taking our own "souvenirs" from Wal-Mart and handing them to the kids rather than even attempting stores at Disney is a cheaper & way better option.  We also are going to book a character meal & from my research Chef Mickey's is the place (considering we have a boy that is not so much into princesses).

Any other suggestions tips - must sees & must avoids?

Oh and yes we are flying (woo hoo) & I'll be hugely pregnant so the hideous Shape Up shoes that my sisters fondly tease me for will be on my feet the entire trip.  They don't shape up my legs unfortunately, but dang they feel good on my feet & hips that feel like a rocket may shoot out of my lady parts any given time of day.