This weekend my Mom helped me finish a tough job!  That is why she is absolutely the best!

Aubrie and Everett moved in together.  It was a challenge since Aubrie's old room was over the top girly & Everett's room involved anything with 4 wheels and John Deere green.
However, we did it and I'm thrilled.  They have rooms that still speak to their personality, but also mix my love of odd collections and old to match the rest of my house.  One thing is a bit different though - I painted it gray!  Did I shock you there since I didn't go a crazy color?  I actually really like gray & it was a good backdrop to make a gender neutral room.

Here is the view from the door.  We had one twin bed so we bought a second to give them each their own "little" bed which is what sold them the idea of a shared room.

Everett's side has a fantastic orange quilt courtesy of my mother.  The comforter was $16 at Walmart & then $7 for the sheet set in his favorite color - turquoise!  Oh and the floating tractor to the left is the fan pull.  They both LOVE tractors since Pa is a real hard core farmer.

Both kids have matching red iron headboards.  They were actually made from one twin bed, but my Dad the super welder made the foot board match the height of the headboard so they could each have one.  This ties their beds together nicely.

Everett's wall contains his collections.  I love old signs & he loves trucks and tractors so it's perfect for the tiny farmer that he is.

I pulled this dresser from my foyer & put Aubrie's fabulous pink dresser in its place.  The pink was just too much to go in a boy's room, but is perfect in my foyer.  I am very pleased with the dresser as a nightstand.  It's the perfect size & the right color to stay gender neutral.

Here is the glitter princess' side.  She is still happy because she has her pinks and also her collections.  Trust me mixing in her pale pink was a tough job, but we did it and love the after look!

She too has a fabulous quilt from my Mom and the other matching red headboard.  The green comforter was again $16 from Walmart with $7 sheets.  She chose hot pink her favorite color.

Her wall displays her favorite things:  A cat painting from Aunt Abbie, lots of pink, elephants, a glitter chandy, & numbers - she's all about the education!

To house Everett's clothes and Aubrie's giant snow globe collection, we kept this old fabulous cabinet in the room.

Are you loving it?  Because I agree it's a fabulous set.  The paint under the white is turquoise - you can't tell from the picture, but oh my it's gorgeous ladies!

The top shelf is full of snow globes.  The second shelf is fully devoted to Miss Aubrie.  She has tons of elephants & fairies.  The bottom shelf is for the tiny farmer.  He did need some space to show off his old trucks & trailers since his sister is the master of collections.

I love their new room.  It shows off their personality, but also mine as well which is important.  The best part - CHEAP!  I spent $32 on two comforters, $14 on two sets of sheets, and $65 on the second bed.  Everything else we already owned.  So even though my basement storage room is like a bad episode of hoarders, but a bit more organized.  I now am glad I keep all that "junk" I collect for times like this!  My next large project room - the nursery!