Today we had our big ultrasound.  I'm 17 weeks 3 days.  Our baby is VERY active and the poor tech  had a hard time getting images.  I don't know if that's more like Aubrie or Everett.  Aubrie was very active in the womb, but Everett is very active outside of it.  Either way our baby is just perfect!

I can see these pretty well, and I hope you can too.  The babies belly is to the left.  It has a hand by its face on top in a ball & an arm & hand below it's head.  It's face is to the right and you can see two dark spots which are the eyes, then the white is the nose and under that a mouth.

"Kris" doesn't look like much now, but I think the baby resembles my Everett Mason.

He or she already has the round house kicks under control.  I think baby learned that from Chuck Norris AKA my Dad Stuart.

I imagine this tiny foot will be firmly pressed up against my ribs in another 3 months!

Against all temptation we stuck to our guns and did not find out what the baby was.  I have a good feeling I know what it is, but come February we shall see.  We are still working on names as well.  So far everything looks perfect and we couldn't be happier or more excited for the newest addition to our family.  Now it just needs to grow and stay healthy.

P.S.  we did not name the baby Kris - my sisters decided to nickname it something other than "it" while I'm pregnant.  I agree - I don't like calling the baby it so until we name the baby & meet for the first time it will be Kris.